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Jul 17, 2018

Jammed back episode live from HMGS Historicon 2018. 

A large NDNG crew is around to talk about a wide range of subjects!

Act 1 00:00-00:24Mitch and Tom M talk about the excellent Team Yankee Nationals hosted by NDNG and the guys from Battlefront

Act 2 00:24-00:26 Sean updates us on what he has been up to 

Act 3 00:26-01:20 Glenn and Mitch sit down with Mike Tunez from Firelock Games.  We talk about Blood and Plunder and a new game they are working on. If you like B&P you have to listen to this interview!

Act 4 01:20-01:44 Wrap up with Mitch, Glenn, Ed and Chris Jackson talking about Team Yankee and Tournaments in general.